Aluminum Composite Sales

Aluminum composite panels are produced with advanced technology and are an element that is easily used and frequently preferred in advertising and modern architecture. Aluminum composite panel is a frequently preferred product in modern architectural buildings, both sides of which are made of non-powdered (environmentally friendly) polyethylene between aluminum in different thicknesses, the outer surface can be coated with different colors, and plastic film is coated to prevent damage to the colored surface during transportation, storage and application. coating material.

Polyester (PS) painted panels are preferred in the advertising sector. PVDF painted materials are mainly used in the building sector. Cutting, bending, bending, entangling, channeling and similar operations can be easily performed with aluminum processing machines. Unlike conventional construction and advertising materials, aluminum composite panels speed up the assembly, add life to the product, increase workforce efficiency and prioritize quality.


- It can be processed easily.

- It shows impact resistance.

- It has high rigidity and strength feature.

- Shows high performance against outdoor weather conditions and UV rays.

- It shows acoustic insulation and vibration absorption.

- Temperature resistance range is between -50 ‘C / +85‘ C.

- It shows good acidic and basic resistance performance in harsh environmental conditions.

- It has a smooth, flat and shiny surface feature.

- It differs from other composite panels with its thermal insulation and non-flammable properties.

Scope of Application

Wall screening, cladding and facade systems

- Advertising signs

Roof edge and parapet walls

Partition and partition walls

Column coating and light shaping

- Decoration and design products


Products are stored on shelves with pallets. Sales are delivered personally by the company.SASON Aluminum profile is delivered from the address on our page.