Office Partition Systems

To separate large rooms from each other, dividing them into sections by using aluminum wood or glass to create personal rooms is called office partition system. In the past, the wall partition process was made with mud, soil or sand. Recently, partition systems especially used in offices consist of aluminum glass and wooden systems. Aluminum systems have a healthier and faster production than other wall systems. The dimensions you have requested are delivered and removed in a very short time.

In aluminum partition systems, a double-glazed partition system can be made by using a profile of 7 or 8 cm width, or a single-glass partition application to glass glass can be used with a thinner profile of 4 cm. Double-glazed systems allow you to create quieter areas, while single-glass partition systems help you create more minimal offices. For example, if a call center and a private meeting room will be established, the fact that the meeting room partition is a double-glazed system is an excellent choice in terms of sound insulation.

If there is no need for sound insulation, only if the rooms are to be divided, a very comfortable room partition system is created by using 5 + 5 laminated glasses in a single glass partition system.