Glass balcony

Rain and dust etc. Systems that protect from external factors, provide effective thermal insulation, give your home spaciousness and comfort, and offer you the freedom to feel the pleasant breeze on your face whenever you want with its opening structure.


Showcase System is a modern system designed for hotels, stores, cafe-bakeries, shopping centers and winter gardens.

It creates modern and spacious environments. rain, snow, dust, wind, etc. Provides protection from external factors in adverse weather conditions. It eliminates the loss of space in the building, unnecessary unsightly appearance and restrictions.

It creates wide and spacious environments thanks to its ability to be opened completely when desired. It allows flexible spaces for display and use.

Provides integrity between indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to its movable wings

10 mm tempered glass is standard in the showcase system, ensuring full security.

The paint of the aluminum profiles used in the request can be electrostatic powder oven paint or anodized paint, as well as wood-patterned electrostaic paint. Thanks to this paint, our aluminum profiles become resistant to all climatic conditions.

Print such as logo, background and pattern can also be made on tempered glass.

WINTER GARDEN You can enjoy the garden in summer and winter ...

 Provides panoramic view ...

 It provides a new living space where you can host your guests.

 With its aesthetic and easy use, there is no difficulty in cleaning.

One of the main reasons for covering the terrace is that the rain and snow that fall on the terrace in winter cause damage to the ceramics and joints together with frost. As soon as the ice melts, the water flowing from the terrace enters the house through the cracks.

This event requires constant maintenance in your home, and can bring about renewal of floor coverings and wall paints and similar costs.

Terrace closure will put an end to these problems. Another reason for closing the terrace is to prevent heat loss. Because the flat is covered and the terrace acts as a roof, you can save a lot of heat.