Winter Garden

The winter garden is a preferred type of balcony, especially in villa-style houses, detached houses or summer houses used in winter. Winter gardens, which are also called verandas, add a different comfort area and a completely different luxury to your home. The winter garden, which is mostly used as a large balcony, is made useful and practical by covering with glass balcony systems and continues its function throughout the four seasons. Winter garden models appear in a variety of different designs, and winter garden prices also vary according to these designs and models.

Special Winter Garden Manufacturing

Winter garden systems are naturally manufactured and offered to consumers in different sizes, square meters and designs according to the area where the winter garden will be built. The manufacture of the winter garden first of all varies according to the balcony where the winter garden will be built. In the production of the special winter garden for the space, the dimensions of the balcony sketch of the winter garden are taken first and glasses are started to be produced according to these dimensions. You can choose how the windows of the winter garden should be. For example, if you have a large area and you want to cover the entire area, it is okay to wear the windows that open and close in traditional ways. On the other hand, if the area where you will cover the winter garden is not large enough, you can consult the folding glass balcony or sliding glass balcony systems. In other words, it is useful to consult an expert before laying a glass balcony in the winter garden. However, while choosing the most suitable winter garden design for your area, it is of great benefit to be budget-friendly and the quality of the material used.