Automatic Shutter

Automatic shutters are used to meet the security needs of windows and doors of residences and workplaces.

Automatic shutters are manufactured from 39 lamella filled with aluminum polyurethane or 55 lamel with aluminum polyurethane filling, depending on the width and height. The 39 lamellae can be used in areas where the width is maximum 250 cm and the height is maximum 250 cm. If the dimensions are larger than these dimensions, lamella of 55 should be preferred or it should be manufactured as a system with shutter partitions. Otherwise, the louvre lamellae will stretch excessively and will come out of the struts called side channel. This will cause unhealthy operation of the product.

Shutter motors are grouped in two main groups as flat motors and self-contained motors.

Flat motors also allow controlled control with button connection and external receiver connection.

In self-receiving motors, the motor system is ready to operate with a remote control. With the coding of the remote, the product will be in working condition.

In roller shutter systems, group control can be used to control many blinds in the same apartment and space. Group controllers are in two groups, with 4 channels and 16 channels. Controls with 4 channels provide the control of 4 blinds simultaneously or separately.

16-channel controllers provide the control of 16 blinds simultaneously or separately. In this way, it is possible to use separate or group control for each floor or room.

Roller shutters can work in conjunction with wind sensors and sun sensors. In this way, automatic shutdown can be provided in excessive wind and excessive sun.

Louvers can be grouped in two main color groups as coated and plain painted.

Coated colors are walnut, hazelnut, golden oak, dark wood. Coated lamella colors can be chosen in accordance with the facade or existing window joinery.

Standard solid dyed colors are champagne, ash black, bronze, anthracite gray, green, light beige, dark beige, cream, white, metallic gray and coffee.

Choosing a lamella considering the width and height of the blinds will ensure a healthy and long-lasting operation of the product. Products that are not chosen correctly will cause malfunction in time and will not serve the purpose.