Silicone Facade Coating

Silicone Facade Models; Sason PVC successfully carries out all other exterior cladding projects such as silicone facade, capped facade, aluminum joinery, office partition systems, composite, compact laminate, which it offers with original designs and expert staff.

It is a method of obtaining a continuous glass facade image divided by fine joining lines on the outer surface of the silicone facade. Since the sealing between the glass panels is provided by double Structure Wicks or special silicone facades, full insulation is provided between the panels. or adds richness and elegance to your architectural projects with its composite panel application.

The combination of glass to be used with silicone facade is determined according to the purpose of use of the building, the facade, the types of glass that have the performance values ​​suitable for the weather and climate conditions of the location and the glass color suitable for the design of the project.

When looking from the outside in silicone facade application, only glass is visible, so your buildings will have a more modern appearance. Aesthetics and safety are prioritized in our silicone facade applications.