Exterior Wood Coating

Wood products, which have secured their place in the construction sector by showing great success in recent years, are divided into a number of groups among themselves. These groups can provide variation according to the areas to be preferred and used, as well as differ in terms of color. Curious Wooden Facade Products provide great convenience in terms of starting only as exterior coating and continuing to be preferred for decorative purposes and to be used in open areas. It is a very successful product in very special and elite areas such as site-style blocks, villas, sports centers, park gardens, hotel concepts.

It is possible for people who attach importance to their stature and appearance to enjoy such privileges in their living spaces. You can achieve good results in any area where you want to be determined and raise awareness. Starting from the golden color, you will also be able to reach color choices in brown and brown tones. As the most beautiful architecture of your open spaces, it will represent you and provide great advantages in terms of usage. It is both easy and privilege to find Wooden Facade Products specially designed for every area you intend to cover. With a wide web, you can create awareness by covering the edges of the glass if you wish, or you can add elegance by laying them in your entrance areas. When appropriate, it can be installed on the floors of open areas and even on ceilings. The product quality is determined and presented to you based on the work that is completely in your mind. If it is applied to the exterior of the building, it also presents you with the extra heat insulation feature.

Wood veneers, whose heating system changes between 180 ° and 210 degrees and whose flex ratio is reduced to 90%, certainly does not show a situation like being thrown back. Since a special screwing system or clip system or even a self-locking system is used, it is never known how it combines. These special Wooden Façade Products, full of secrets, always carry you forward and prove that they are 30% fire resistant. It never leaves a question mark in your mind as it is both a product warranty and an assembly warranty. wooden facades using the focus of attention of all firms in the four corners of Turkey, particularly with regard to the use of more interest to see the relevance of our cottage. Although it was first used for decks, we are now happy to be able to see it in many different areas. The fact that it has always managed to remain intact by never absorbing water hammer is an example enough for the product to be preferred more and to have proven itself. It provides all its usefulness even at garden edges, walls, parking gates and playgrounds.