Signage and signage systems

What is Signage?

Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to convey a message to a particular group, usually for marketing purposes or some form of advocacy. A sign also means signs that are accepted collectively or as a group. It has been documented that the term signboard was popular between 1975-1980.

Signs are any type of visual graphic created to show information to a particular audience. This often manifests itself in the form of navigational information in places such as streets or inside and outside buildings. Signs vary in shape and size depending on the location and purpose, from larger banners, billboards and murals to smaller street signs, street name signs, sandwich boards and lawn signs. New signs can also use digital or electronic displays.

The main purpose of the beacons is to convey information designed to assist the buyer in making a decision based on the information provided. Alternatively, promotional signs can be designed to convince buyers of the features of a particular product or service. Signage is different from labeling that conveys information about a particular product or service.

Illuminated Signboard

As the name suggests, it is an advertising method that uses many different lighting materials. Lighting equipment such as neon, LED, fluorescent is preferred among illuminated signage products. This method is the promotional visuals that enable the company presentation to be visible at dusk. With the light placed inside, the advertising writings on the front can be easily noticed from every area.

Lightless Signage

It is the form of advertising and promotion that companies often prefer. These are the standard images used by all small or large businesses. The biggest difference compared to the illuminated sign is the absence of a lighting mechanism. There is no case depth and can be designed according to demand. Unlit advertising signs can be easily seen in daylight, but they cannot be seen clearly in the dark.

Box Letter Signboard

Box letter signs are applications that are produced with a wide variety of materials and are shaped into letters by cutting the names and logos of companies with devices known as Router and Laser. Indoor and outdoor spaces are also used with and without illumination. There are 3 types of Plexi, Aluminum and Chrome.

Scrolling Text Signage

It is the more effective version of the fixed written sign by processing with LEDs. Illuminated signs with old methods are made by placing fluorescent lamps in a box and lighting the writing floor. However, the light level of the LED sign can be designed quite high and it is quite remarkable even when it is constantly lit. In addition, the remarkable nature of flashing and moving lights is a fact proven by scientific studies. LED Sign, which is behind this fact, can illuminate your sign in a much more effective way with animations that can be designed in various ways.

Vinyl stretching signage

It is a kind of signage which is obtained by stretching the vinyl (canvas) printed by digital printing method on the aluminum frame, which has been prepared before and has a lighting mechanism, by stretching it from all sides to the profile chassis.

Aluminum Signage

It is one of the most preferred long-lasting signage models in terms of visuality, durability and quality. It is a sign model that can be made in two ways, with or without illumination, like other types of signage in Aluminum Signage. Illuminated Aluminum signboard, by decoupling the floor (by engraving the floor), from the back, straight Plexiglass adhesion or Embossed Plexiglass Box Letter, Chrome Box Letter is applied. Non-Illuminated Aluminum signage, Foil cut letter, Dekota cut letter and Plexiglass straight cut or Plexiglass box letter, Chrome Chrome Box Letter, Aluminum Box Letter are applied on the Aluminum background.

Plexi Box letter Signboard

It is the most used sign model among the sign types due to its affordable price. Plexiglass Signboard can be used in two ways, with or without illumination. It can be used as digital printing or foil cut text on plexiglass material.

Decoupage Signboard

When the necessary environment for decoupage engraving is provided, we cut with a CNC machine to the desired standards in accordance with the technique in accordance with the technique, place the composite lights, cut the material directly and put the plexi on the back and send it to the assembly.

Stainless letter signboard

It is the best signboard type that is attractive in terms of durability and visuality.

There are 2 types: chrome stainless, gold stainless.

304 quality 1mm stainless steel is used on the front surfaces of the stainless letters, and 0.60mm or 0.70mm stainless steel is used on the side surfaces. We cut the front surface of the letters with laser and the side strips with guillotine shears. After shaping the side bands of the stainless letters that we cut in the desired font by hand, we connect them with the front surfaces by using solder welding.

Then we clean the front surface with polishing and deliver it to the customers with the assembly.

Totem signage

It is a pedestal type of advertising that can be adjusted in size according to the distance placed on the roadside, in front of shopping malls, places showing state institutions, in front of factories, and shop sides. Totem signs are made of single - double legged, illuminated, non-illuminated, composite aluminum, steel sheet profile and vinyl stretching.

Engraved Signage

It is among the Illuminated Signboard Types. Engraved Signage can be applied outdoors to increase visuality. Illuminated Engraved Sign can be used both outdoors and indoors, inside offices and building entrances. Engraved signboard Transparent Plexiglass is a signage model that is illuminated by scraping the edge of the text and logos on computerized CNC machines and placing LEDs in the aluminum case. In recent years, it has been the highly preferred Illuminated Signboard model. It can be mounted directly on the wall as well as hanging from the top.